John Westwood

Born on March 14 Male
John Westwood
by on August 8, 2015
Here is how I  use Open Mic.  I don't have time to listen  to all the  new songs and catch  up  on all the old songs  I've missed.  I select  "Play All"  from  Open  Mic  and go about my tasks. The volume is loud enough that  I can hear from wherever I am and if something  grabs me, I go and  replay  it  . If I replay  it   you get  2 listens and if I "like"  it  you get a "like". If I have a comment to make I do so . This way  every  new song  gets a "listen from  me ...or more . How  do you us...
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by on April 17, 2015
Prior to leaving England 1972 for Australia, I had been a bass player for a couple of bands between 1964 to mid 1967. I was never very good and mainly a plonker around the root notes.I still have contact with the singer and drummer of the main band and when we get together we reminisce about the good old days. Over the last couple of years I have lost touch with the only surviving guitarist. In 2003 I met the drummers partner who was unable to work and when I asked her how she filled her day she...
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by on March 11, 2014
Nothing is truer than " if you stand still  you are ,effectively, going backwards," cos most of the world around you is moving  forwards.  
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