John Westwood
by on August 8, 2015
Here is how I  use Open Mic.

 I don't have time to listen  to all the  new songs and catch  up  on all the old songs  I've missed.

 I select  "Play All"  from  Open  Mic  and go about my tasks.
The volume is loud enough that  I can hear from wherever I am and if something  grabs me, I go and  replay  it  .
If I replay  it   you get  2 listens and if I "like"  it  you get a "like". If I have a comment to make I do so .
This way  every  new song  gets a "listen from  me ...or more .

 How  do you use  Open Mic?

 Do you listen to other folks music or  do you simply  dump (upload)  and  run..? If that  is the case  then   you probably get back what  you deserve.

Why  not pay it forward  as above..  You might be surprised  by the result..? it may not happen over night   but  you will  find  your listens  will increase .
 The same principle  applies  with conversations in the  forums, Join  in,  get connected . Folk will be interested  in your music as well as what  you have to say .

Donna Devine
That's a good idea, John. :) Because I work freelance from home (English language copyeditor), I prefer a quiet environment (otherwise I can't concentrate). But nothing to stop me hitting 'Play All' while I'm busy with other things.
Bill Draper
Hello John,I like that idea and am going to try it.Thanks!
Larry Killam
Thanks John. U DA MAN
John Westwood
Relible Larry. We could use more like you. YOu are a champ!
Larry Killam
Hey John.I'm going through Da list pretty well everyday.I like follow and listen and comment on just about every song except a few songs I don't care for like Rap or vulgar ;anguage.I won't listen to Dem Instantly I shut Da player off and go to Da next song.