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"I'm Not Dead Yet" is my November 2017 song. This song was written about  my own feelings, as well as for those that are not willing to let go of dreams. For those that keep pushing on no matter how hard it is.   [url][/url]   Happy Christmas, Terry   I feel like I've been running out of time It's a feeling I've had so very long I've been on this road for a dream of mine  It's never faded, it's just as strong There's a need in my heart that seems to grow With each passing day I come to know Well I'm not so sure if I'll ever reach the top But I'm Sure I'm never gonna stop.    Chorus   Some say, what the use in trying For what I'll Probable never get I say, I'll try until I die And I'm not dead yet    I trust in my own reason to believe And I believe in time I will Succeed I'm just not so sure when that day will be I'm only curteen it's what I need  Repeat Chorus   Work my fingers to the bone With pain I scream I work my fingers to the bone For more than just a dream
Terry Carroll
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My October 2017 song, "I Still Haven't Found What I Need" was inspired by a conversation I had with my sister in law, about the Rolling Stones. In short, I told her that my Favorite Rollings Stones song was "It's Only Rock N Roll". She said her's was "You Can't Always Get What You Want". That's all it took. I started thinking about my own wants and needs. Cheers, Terry I did the math - I read the books I kept myself clear - of teachers dirty looks I formed my answers - that turned out right From long hard studies - of countless nights I still haven't found what I need I played the game - I paid my dues I kept beliefs that - I wasn't gonna loss I fed my hunger - to never stop To fill my ego - and reach the top I still haven't found what I need I think I got what I thought I wanted Time and time again But I still haven't found what I need Yeah - I still haven't found what I need No - I still haven't found what I need I still haven't found what I need
Terry Carroll
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"Now I Wonder" is my September 2017 song. It was inspired by the sound of the song "Last Lover Standing" in the movie"Not Fade Away. The Lyric was inspired by the thought of guilt, when taking something that you never should, Cheers, Terry Today I find my self face to the wall The heart I took has made me feel so small And as your on your way to give him news I stand here head and hand and so confused Chorus Now I wonder how it's gonna end Will you stay him, will you stay friends I know that he will wanna stay of you It's something that I know he'll wanna do Last night may be the reason that you stay It's him or me is all I had to say And though I may end up with pain of heart It's what I should have said right from the start In my heart I know I don't belong It's him and you, and you and me are wrong
Terry Carroll
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My July 2017 song is "You Make It Easy To Be Sweet" Cheers, Terry I have completed every thing from start to finish. You make it easy to be sweet I wanna tell your wonderful You mean the world to me So incredibly beautiful In every way I know and see I think about you all the time When ever I'm away I need you like a poat needs a rhyme Like a flower needs a summer day Chorus You make it easy to be sweet So very easy to be sweet I wanna tell you it's lavishing All you give to me So amazingly ravishing In every way that one can be Repeat Chorus Yeah you make me wanna be a better man Yeah in every way that I can
Terry Carroll
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"Life Is Very Short" is my June 2017 song. I completed The lyrics and the Tune, The complete instrument performance, Vocals, Engineering and mixing. Please feel free to hit on any thing. Cheers, Terry Life Is Very Short Baby, do you wanna have fun Dance beneath the moon lite sky Share a dream and fantasize it's real Take a trip to Shangri La Stay the night and do what we feel Chorus Life is very short Let's take the day off We can blast our way off right now Why waste any thought Let's take the day off And don't even wonder how Repeat Chorus Baby, do you wanna have fun Fly above all life's lows We could chill in Kokomo or Rome Float down stream to paradise Than we take the long way home Nothing Really matters But the fun we share tonight - well all right Repeat Chorus