Ian Jolley
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The story of my father. Didn't work trying to state facts, it sounded too whiney, so I turned the lyrics into the 1st person to tell a story. A selfish arrogant man who's demons were his masters. When push came to shove the bottle always won. Demo here -: Whisky Vs.1 I started young, early in the day I tried to keep up with all of my friends It turned out they weren't friends anyway I still tried to keep up When no-one was coming out to play Just the smell of a bottle of Bells was enough to driver me insane. Chorus You can break my heart I'm not a quick fix You can take my cash I can earn it back You can push me hard I can push back If you take my Whisky I can't make that If you take my Whisky I can't make that Vs 2 What did I do today My friends have all gone away My life has gone south It's not even my fault So I drink my days away Lonely and Isolated tied to my past All of my excuses are at the bottom of a glass It takes my loneliness away. Bridge Repeat Chorus
Terry Carroll
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"I Found an Angel" is my May 2018 song. Feel free to give feed back.Cheers,Terry I look out my window - I can see the sunI could look up and see - the stars that shine at nightAnd when I see her eyes - I see all heavens doneI found an angel - much to my delightChorusI found an AngelWith long brown hair and hazel eyesI found an angelWith a smile that compares with heavens skyThe stars the moon the sun and all the restI found and Angel - she fits right in with heavens bestI have walked through a meadow of perfect flowersI have climbed a maintain - with trees that touch the skyAnd when I see your face - I know all heavens powerI found an angel - this I won't denyRepeat chorusNow some may say - she’s just not realI'm just a silly fool who lost his mindBut when she’s in my arms - it's heaven that I feel
Terry Carroll
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"You Need Here Around" Is My March 2018 song.I wrote "You Need Her Around" after reading a book called "Lennon". In the book a observation about what the song,"You've Got To Hide Your Love Away", is really about was mentioned. That's all it tookCheers,Terry can make you feel so goodMake you feel ten feet tallLike the worlds all yoursLike you got it allShe can bring out the best in youYou’re gonna love every thing she can doYeah you’re gonna get hooked on it tooChorusYou need her aroundWhen things get hardSo learn to hold her in the highest regardYou need her aroundYou know that you doShe’s the blood in your veins She’s there for youDon’t let her goShe’s the best thing you’ll ever knowShe is more than just a dreamAh She’s a dream come trueAnd she lives for love as she lives for youShe will lift you up all so highYour gonna live knowing you’ve touched the skyYeah you’ll feel like you well never dieRepeat chorus Oh we all lose sight sometimesWe lose are wayBut she’ll be there to get you through the nightAll through your life each and every daySpotify - "Just a Fan -
Terry Carroll
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. My February 2018 song is "I'm The King Of The World". It was was inspire by my daughter. I wrote it with all famous people in mind. I could have used Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford, or Paul McCartney. Think of it as if it was a interview with a famous person. I completed every thing about this song, from the first word to the master. - Cheers,Terry Leonardo DicaprioHow does it feel I need to knowAs you take your first step towards anybody's dreamdoes it get you insideDoes it make you wanna screamChorusI'm the king of the worldYou all know where I've beenI'm the king of the worldNow my ship has come inI'm the king of the worldLiving in the lap of luxuryOh I'm here where i wanna beJust lying in the sun living like a kingLeonardo DicaprioHow do you deal with the highs and lowsAs you make the big time living in the big money shellDo you know life out sideDoes it make you wanna yellRepeat chorusHow much money do you makewhat do you buy with it - where do you gohow much mail do you getDo you tier of the fame - do you feel an undertowtell us what it's like to be a starHow does it change the way you liveDoes it change who you areIs your heart in all you do - do you give all you have to give