William Clark
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Wow.  Sounds like a great story line for a country song which is what I'm assuming you were going for.  Since this was posted in December I don't know if you've finished the music for this song or not.  How long is the song anyway?  It's not bad at all.  
William Clark
.Posted in "1 Last Fence To Mend"
I like the this.  Good story line.  Have you finished the song yet (I mean musically)?  I'm brand new to this site so if you've finished it, I just haven't found it yet.  Looks like you might have been looking for some help toward the end and I've honestly got nothing right now to help out with, but I'm sure this was posted a long time ago.
William Clark
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In my song writing, I'm a perfect rhymer and I'm working to step outside that box.  With that said, I honestly have a difficult time with your lyrics and would like to know if you've finished this song so I can hear what it sounds like.  I don't mean any offense by what I'm saying to you, but that I'm actually stuck in a box and you've written outside the box.
Wes Tibbets
.Posted in Bourbon Street Boogie
Great job! I'd love to hear this put to music. It flows very well and it has a good hook. Altogether, you did a very good job.