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RG Copper

Lives in Middletown, Ohio, United States Born on June 10 Male
RG Copper
by on February 25, 2016
I'm just spreading the word of my new blog "The Melody Of Success" which contains articles and information on the happenings in todays music industry. There are career tips of all kinds including product reviews and musician's resources of all kinds. Please feel free to drop by and feedback of any kind is welcome. Thanks ahead for any and all interest from the Songramp community.themelodyofsuccess.xyz
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by on January 24, 2016
Artists today need their tracks to compete with what they are hearing on the radio; there is just no excuse for a crappy sounding track. In fact, if you’re track sounds like shit, then it’s our first red flag as to just how lazy, un-resourceful, clueless, and out of touch you are with the music business these days; kinda like showing up to a gun fight with a butter knife. Today’s music is consumed so fast and there is so much of it available that YOU HAVE TO BE FREAKING AMAZING in every way t...
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by on January 22, 2016
Having spoken to hundreds of musicians throughout my music career, it is interesting to note how some have let the dream fade into the past in favour of a life of normality, whilst others are still walking the yellow brick road in search of stardom. The question we ask is, why do people give up and what happens next? 1. Finances. If it's not already hard enough having to be the one man band in every area of musicianship, consider the amount of money which needs to poured into a single act in o...
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