All songs by Style Blues - Contemporary

by Dave Rice
Plays: 29
Rainbow Blues
by David Guy
Plays: 30
I Lost My Love in Lodi
by Dave Rice
Plays: 68
Octave Lament
Plays: 81
Lonely No More
Plays: 41
That Sudden Stop at the Ground (remix)
Plays: 115
Old New Love
Plays: 67
The Blues Are Gonna Kill Me (Some Day)
by JG Kojak
Plays: 29
Dark Sky
Plays: 45
Hippie Queen
Plays: 68
In My Head
Plays: 80
A Lot of Drinking to Do
Plays: 112
I shoulda quit you babe
Plays: 67
1000 Tears
Plays: 61
Her Loving Man/George Carter Jr.
Plays: 40
The Road Of Life
Plays: 46
Love Me Just A Little
Plays: 66
Coral blues
Plays: 10
Who Shot Lizzy ?
Plays: 31
Untenured Blues (w_ Bob Kubey)
Plays: 12