All songs by Style Christian (Contemporary)

They Smile
Plays: 277
Hear Their Cry
Plays: 117
My Living God
Plays: 105
Plays: 94
Hole Hearted
Plays: 94
Life Light
Plays: 93
Mercy Street
Plays: 93
Plays: 91
The 12th Prayer
Plays: 90
Father of Light
Plays: 89
I'll Just Call Him Jesus
Plays: 82
All I Need Is You
Plays: 82
Give It All You Got
Plays: 81
For His Glory in His Name
Plays: 78
Lift Your Name
Plays: 75
Plays: 74
Plays: 74
Wholly Broken
Plays: 73
Let Your Praise Be Loud
Plays: 73
That's Why You're Here
Plays: 72
Bring Me to the Quiet
Plays: 71
Through It All
Plays: 71
Plays: 69
Rock Me Gently Sweet Jesus (New Mix)
Plays: 68
Plays: 65
Walk With Me
Plays: 65
What You Do to the Least of These
Plays: 65
Cast Your Cares Upon Him
Plays: 64
Above The Clouds
Plays: 63
Could This Be the Chosen One?
Plays: 62