Having been a bit too busy to promote the music i now am back...and boy has songramp changed...will take sometime to get used to the new surroundings but it all looks fresh and promising. Good work!

For myself i can tell you that i am busy putting all songs from the bands  i represent on youtube...low profile ,cause i am not very good at making video clips or anything but still , they get viewed so i will soldier on
.Greetings from Holland, Joop

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYMjESulYn4   2013
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBzRGIPvtbk    same band, 2000

Eddie Minyard
Welcome home, Joop!  Yep, we've rearranged things a bit...well...a lot.

Don't trip over the coffee table on your way to the loo
John Westwood
Hi Joop.
The speculaas is still  in the same  place

Michael Prather
Welcome back!

Joop  van Gemert
Hi Joop.
The speculaas is still  in the same  place


Well, not for long if i tip over the coffee table!

But i will behave!
Kip Marchetti
I give up ... what is a speculass?
Joop  van Gemert

And you may also be interested to know that Kip is the Dutch translation for chicken. No offense meant.
John Westwood
Honingkoek and speculaas. Two of my favourite treats  from when we kids  and used to visit relatives in Belgium

Eat  in  moderation  cos  they   can have a loosening effect  ( for me )
L Vincent
Hi Joop, I`m new to the boards just saying hello.
John Westwood
Welcome  Lane.  HAve a good  look around  and  jump  in where ever  and when ever .. The water is  fine

Joop  van Gemert
Lane vincent said...
Hi Joop, I`m new to the boards just saying hello.

And welcome lane,
May i suggest you check out the free mike section...it is surprisingly good...a lot of very nice songs...And feel free to upload your songs as well.  However, be prepared to get critisised.....sometimes harsh but it can help you develop your music
Larry Killam
Great tp have you back at Da Ramp.Looking fprward to hearing your songs

Larry Killam
Just listened to Follow oin youtube.Enjoyed Da Listen WinkLOVE ITWink
Joop  van Gemert
Thank you Larry, always nice to hear some positive comments!
Julie Elam
Welcome Joop.