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I had an idea for a fun group challenge - a group collaboration.  The idea is that each person add two lines to the lines that already exist.  There is no title yet, intentionally - hopefully, as the lyrics would progress, a title (or hook) would come to someone.  There is no storyline yet as well, also intentionally.  I thought we could all have some fun brainstorming on this one, to see what we come up with. If someone has a great idea for a chorus, go ahead and supply the two lines, but make sure that you let everyone else know that those two lines are the beginning of the chorus.

If you come up with two lines to add to the existing lyrics, copy and paste the existing lyrics into a new reply, and add your two lines.  You can add more than 2 lines to the overall effort, but after adding your two lines, allow someone else to contribute the next couple lines. 

Maybe this will work, maybe it won't.  Maybe I've taken leave of my senses (wouldn't be the first time - LOL!)  Sometimes it's hard enough with just two people collaborating, LOL. This is the first time that something like this has ever been attempted on SongRamp in its 14 year history (that I'm aware of) so let's see what we can do and see what happens. Although it's a challenge, we may surprise ourselves, and make this a SongRamp first!  

I'll start it off with two lines that kind of popped into my head. 

With the holidays right around the corner, maybe we could make this a holiday themed song?  Just an idea. 

It was a cold night in Nashville
As she stepped out of the cab