Ian Jolley
The story of my father. Didn't work trying to state facts, it sounded too whiney, so I turned the lyrics into the 1st person to tell a story. A selfish arrogant man who's demons were his masters. When push came to shove the bottle always won.
Demo here -: https://soundcloud.com/ijay_x/whisky
I started young, early in the day
I tried to keep up with all of my friends
It turned out they weren't friends anyway
I still tried to keep up
When no-one was coming out to play
Just the smell of a bottle of Bells
was enough to driver me insane.
You can break my heart
I'm not a quick fix
You can take my cash
I can earn it back
You can push me hard
I can push back
If you take my Whisky
I can't make that
If you take my Whisky
I can't make that
Vs 2
What did I do today
My friends have all gone away
My life has gone south
It's not even my fault
So I drink my days away
Lonely and Isolated tied to my past
All of my excuses are at the bottom of a glass
It takes my loneliness away.
Repeat Chorus
Topics: songwriter, whiskey