Hello Songrampers. Hope you are all doing well. Wanted everyone to know I am around and still doing my best to point out ways in songwriting. I'll be trying to get over here and see if anyone needs anything.
But understand that my forums are always about RESPONDING to people. I only go where I am asked to or wanted. If people are uninterested in what I say or do, that is fine, I'm glad everyone has their own worlds and that is what they should be doing.
If anyone wants anything, I am around, but I probably won't be starting any discussions. Always listening and always ready willing and able to help. Or stay out of the way.
Good luck and glad the site is still staying around.
Dave Rice
Glad to see you posting, Marc. I don't need anything that winning the lottery wouldn't cure... LOL! It looks like our beloved "Ramp" had dodged another bullet (thanks to Eddie) and I'm looking forward to hearing more of your perspective on "all things music related." Have a great Labor Day Weekend.
Diane Gee-Frasca
Glad your are back here, MAB!
Dave Rice
Hey, Blingeroo...
I think ol' Marc's "spoofing" us. He's probably down at some Alabama Music Festival... or helping dig out some friends in the Florida Panhandle after the recent hurricane. Eventually, he will show up... maybe I should ask a dumb, music-related question? (...as if all my posts aren't dumb! LOL!)
I hope the grape harvest was good and keep looking for your label at Wal-Mart or one of those up-scale grocery stores!
All the best, ----West Mayberry Dave
Mick Adams
Am just getting back to The Ramp myself, Marc, and it seems like a Ghost Town around here. Still searching and finding my way in the darkness, but I'm sure in a few years it'll all be clear to even me. Mick
Marc-Alan  Barnette
Hey Mick,
The discussions have shifted mostly to Facebook and this site will completely be gone by Feb. Like everything on the Internet, there is a life cycle and this one has reached it's time. Has been great and all of us are still around. Just switch over to Facebook or monitor my web site, www.marcalanbarnette.com if you have needs for your musical aspirations.
Good luck.
Bob Clay
Thusly bookmarked... er, maybe its book-marc'ed... :)
Pamela Elaine
Sad to see this website shut down. but I can see that Facebook has taken us away from our first home on the internet..
I still have a lot of great friends I made here and I will be forever thankful for SongRamp.
Chris Brownell
If this website is closing down in February, why isn't that on that website's landing page? The last time they thought they were going to close down the site, they broadcast that almost a year in advance.