1. . My February 2018 song is "I'm The King Of The World". It was was inspire by my daughter. I wrote it with all famous people in mind. I could have used Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford, or Paul McCartney. Think of it as if it was a interview with a famous person.

    I completed every thing about this song, from the first word to the master. - https://www.reverbnation.com/silverbeat/song/29358208-im-the-king-of-the-world


    Leonardo Dicaprio
    How does it feel I need to know
    As you take your first step towards anybody's dream
    does it get you inside
    Does it make you wanna scream


    I'm the king of the world
    You all know where I've been
    I'm the king of the world
    Now my ship has come in
    I'm the king of the world
    Living in the lap of luxury
    Oh I'm here where i wanna be
    Just lying in the sun living like a king

    Leonardo Dicaprio
    How do you deal with the highs and lows
    As you make the big time living in the big money shell
    Do you know life out side
    Does it make you wanna yell

    Repeat chorus

    How much money do you make
    what do you buy with it - where do you go
    how much mail do you get
    Do you tier of the fame - do you feel an undertow
    tell us what it's like to be a star
    How does it change the way you live
    Does it change who you are
    Is your heart in all you do - do you give all you have to give