Hello there...Im finding the site difficult to navigateat the moment :)

Ott Lukk
Hi Elisabeth!  Hopefully you'll get the hang of the site. Listened to your music, very nice!  Welcome to the Ramp! Ott
Carl B
Welcome to the site, Elisabeth.

Gary Orphey
A big welcome to the ramp Elisabeth. We are always happy to have new writers join us in the quest for the perfect song. Lots of fine people here for sure. ENJOY!
Gwyneth Rose Bradley
Welcome to the Ramp. Hope you like poetry Happy if u do, come visit the Poets Corner.
elisabeth coleman
thankyou everyone for your kind words of support.....Im not really a poet or song writer in any professional capacity and can only describe myself as writting what is in my heart ......a lot of my songs come from life experiences and dreams :)
Michael Prather
Larry Killam
Welcome to Da Ramp Elizabeth.Join us in Da Writers Room if U R so inclined.
John Westwood
elisabeth coleman
ahh thankyou
Dave Rice

Hi Elisabeth:

Glad you found the Ramp. Welcome to this group of vagabonds, minstrels and songwriters.  I'm an old songwriter who normally sings my own creations.  I tend to drift in and out of Rampsville because of the many problems we face with the new version of the Ramp.  The old Ramp was a piece of cake compared to this version... but they tell me we had to change in order to survive.

Eventually, they may get it back to what it was... a zany and fun place to be.  Thankfully, many of the "old hands" are still here and I find myself posting on these different threads more than posting songs... but if and when all the bugs get ironed out, I'll probably spend more time at the Open Mic. I'm attempting to complete and record 1000 songs before I am called to atone for my many sins... LOL!  I'm less than 30 songs away from that goal now.

Stick around, tell us more about your interests in music and your goals.  We will do our best to be supportive.

Welcome!  ----Dave Rice