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Dan Lamons
Hi Jon! I appreciate your in depth analysis. The song is purely a product of too much Jerry Springer and did not happen to me. How ever, I think that Old Dog may have been a guest on one of those shows.
During one of my bouts of insomnia, the song started with a riff and the line is it his or is it mine.

It's a work in progress, this is the 1st production I have attempted in quite awhile. I usually drink some wine and bang it out on the flat top. Almost all the songs on my page are simple realtime buzz cuts.

I haven't posted the latest progress yet, I have added some overdrive guitar fills and moved the crash cymbals a few milliseconds into their correct position. My vocal track is not a keeper, it is very poor and I added lots of processing to cover it up. The synth sounds you didn't like now have a single note overdriven sustaining guitar vibrato sitting in the midst of it.

My goal is for the song to be intense musically like the subject matter. i want lots of bells and whistles leading to an intense craziness like the situation,but decently arranged with a space for everything. Organized Chaos !
I am approaching this as a project that will keep me amused for quite awhile.

Thanks for your input !

updated link with lead fills