Eddie Minyard has been around music for his entire life. Born in Alabama, he has been exposed to different cultures and styles of music, from a very early age. His family would get together to play music, handing him an old harmonica. He's never looked back!

He has had the good fortune to sit in with some of the greatest blues players of our time, including Lonnie Brooks, Matt “Guitar” Murphey and Big Al Carson. He’s played in the blues clubs of Chicago and New Orleans and many places in between, including Nashville.

Eddie has written and collaborated on hundreds of songs – he has been a member of SongRamp since 2004, where over 100 of his songs are posted. While he has written in a wide range of genre, he gravitates to Blues, Country and Americana.

Eddie is always interested in collaborating with others for songwriting, or adding a bit of harp to a recording – and always up for performing!
Feel free to send a message to him at: