Pamela Elaine
by on September 19, 2016
"Music" there are so many ways to be a part of it. A listener, producer, writer, musician player, 
arranger, singer, and the list goes on. I just want to give my two cents here. 
Once a song is written and then recorded; it is then shared with an audience. 
It ain't complete until it is! Yes, I do believe in re-writes and I do believe in honing your craft. 
But, while we're down that path and growing to be even better; it's okay to share. 
Music is about sharing! I remember when I was afraid. But, since 2007 when I shared 
my first song online here on songramp; I have learned so much!  
Being a member of SongRamp gives us the opportunity to share! 
So, where's everybody at? Let's get involved again. Here is my vow to you. Starting
September 19th, I promise to be around more often and will listen to your songs! :) 
Diane Gee-Frasca
WooHOO! I'll get here whenever I can, that's for sure! even if I'm just a lurker
Pamela Elaine
Yeah, I agree. Great place to meet friends who share the same dream and passion. Gary and I met here 9 years ago. So cool! Miss Clark and Steve. It's like family here. Let's get everybody back and save songramp.
David Stanbury
Thanks for that Pam.Thanks again for previous comments about my songs.I have problems of my own,But music has been my savior all my life.I believe Songramp will give me a huge leap forward in my Quest for people to actually listen and LIKE my musicAlso I`ve already met Some great people.(Restored my...View More
Larry Killam
Thanks Pamela All DA BEST GURL
Pamela Elaine
Larry, and you are appreciated. In fact, I believe you are the most dedicated to other's here and their music! :) A big THANK YOU to you my friend!
Larry Killam
I agree Pamela.I'm here and ain't going nowhere.