Kip Marchetti
by on April 26, 2015
I've said a few times that I like Sunday Morning because that is when I take a little time to listen to the songs on the Songramp Open Mic.
It's not the only time I listen but it's my favorite time to listen. When I was younger, I usually missed Sunday morning, if not the entire day, 
because of the antics of Saturday night. I never really felt very good on Sundays.  I'm older now, and although that still happens from time to time,
it sure doesn't happen like it did when I was a dumb kid who thought he knew everything.

Sunday morning is as nice a time as any to reflect on where I was last week, and how I intend next week to go. More importantly, it's a great
time to affirm that last week is gone, and next week isn't guaranteed, so today, this minute is the most important part of me. I like to meditate
(think) about right now and how I'm doing? I like to thank my Lord for everything that has been provided to me. Endless blessings in my life
that are as mysterious to me today as they were yesterday. Grace and forgiveness is a beautiful thing. 

I guess I'll never fully understand exactly what part I play in the grand scheme of things. I'm pretty sure I'm comfortable with not knowing.
I am just thankful for everything in my life. My wife who has devoted her life to being married to me, my kids who have a lot to come to grips
with (but who doesn't) and my dog Digger, are all blessings in my life.

Songramp is the latest gift. I'm comfortable here among friends. I've heard some of the best and unique music I've ever heard right here on Songramp.
Music created by talented artists of all sizes. Some playing prepackaged software instruments, some playing their own guitars, some
sharing fantastic Nashville demos, and some just trying to figure out how to do it at all. 

In my mind it's not a race to get my song on the radio. It's more than that. It's the journey that all of us are on. A learning experience of how
to craft a song to portray an idea that others can identify with and enjoy. It's sharing our latest newborn and waitiing to see if anyone has anything
to say about it. It's typing out my thoughts on a Sunday morning simply because I want to share. Some may identify and some may think otherwise
but any way you look at it, this is where we are.

I just wanted to say hello Sunday morning and to my new friends ... it's good to know ya.
John Westwood
Its possible to make good friends here even if you never meet them in the flesh . The Songramp bash is one way to meet folk in person that you already "know"