Anthem Songwriter: Bennett Brier
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Anthem was recorded during the winter and spring of 1999 at RiverSounds in Castell, Texas. Jeri Arsenault produced and also played on it. Jeri has recorded a variety of Texas musicians including Joe King Carrasco, Chris Maresh, Art Kidd, Elliott Fikes, and Ben Beckendorff, in addition to film sound tracks, mp3 files, video and live recording. Jeri also fronts her own band Enchanted Rock, formed in 1993 with bassist Chris Maresh and drummer Art Kidd.

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Walking down the open road
I don't care what I've been told
It sure don't look the same to me as before
Flowin' river lost in frost
Daytime sun direction lost
All my fingers bleeding red and torn
Ah, heavy dreams, love machines
Rustin' fences, meltin' beams
Drivin' snow breakin' up my night
All I know there's nothing true
'Cept you with me 'cuz I'm with you
I've got to get you into my life

I still remember that useless day
When I was walkin' alone away
All my reasons trapped inside myself
I know you told me it was through
But I was pullin' a fast one, too
Already I was laughin' with somebody else
Ah, but, you're hair was longer, your eyes were wide
And I can't explain what goes on inside 
And when you're smilin' there's nothing quite as bright
I don't know just why it seems
In my world of lust, you're so clean
I've got to get you into my life

One day, I'm sure, it'll all be straight 
Why I'm like this, will it be too late? 
But, today, everyone's gotta judge their friends
Fightin' over our laundered thoughts
Fightin' over what we've fought
You'd think, by now, it all would have come to an end
Often enough, I find I'm wrong
Provin' to me I'm not that strong
To run away with so much left to fight 
Every time my heart beats fast
I'm thinkin' about how it'll feel at last
When I finally got you into my life

 1999 Bennett A. Brier
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Lyrics and Music - Bennett Brier

Jeri Arsenault - Vocal
Jeri Arsenault - Acoustic Guitars
J. P. Allen - Harmonica
Chris Maresh - Bass Guitar
Art Kidd - Drums
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