Anthem Songwriter: Bennett Brier
Tender Flame
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Anthem was recorded during the winter and spring of 1999 at RiverSounds in Castell, Texas. Jeri Arsenault produced and also played on it. Jeri has recorded a variety of Texas musicians including Joe King Carrasco, Chris Maresh, Art Kidd, Elliott Fikes, and Ben Beckendorff, in addition to film sound tracks, mp3 files, video and live recording. Jeri also fronts her own band Enchanted Rock, formed in 1993 with bassist Chris Maresh and drummer Art Kidd.

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Tender Flame

I'd give you the shirt off my back
Never care that you wear it
Show you every way I react
Never ask you to swear it
And yet you're always looking for a sign 
Something else, every time
To turn you from the love you want to find

You say you want a better way to live 
Won't let yourself enjoy it
I'd never rob you with what I'd give 
Just hope you might employ it
I never tease when I stroke your hair 
No one forced me over here
To find out all the love you'd ever dare 

You're so tired of always being strong 
Won't let yourself forget it
No matter if you're right or wrong
You always must protect it
It's what I feel in your skin
Not in the games you want to win
Makes me want your love again and again 

You say you don't feel any fire
You just don't wanna hear it
You fear if you get any higher
You'll freeze when you clear it
You're hypnotized by all your pain
Protects you from the pouring rain
That cries out that true love is a tender flame

 1999 Bennett A. Brier
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Lyrics and Music - Bennett Brier

Jay Sims - Vocal and Rhythm Guitar
Van Wilks - Lead Guitar
Jeri Arsenault - Rhythm Guitar
Chris Maresh - Bass Guitar
Art Kidd - Drums
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