Anthem Songwriter: Bennett Brier
Sweet Sixties Songs
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Anthem was recorded during the winter and spring of 1999 at RiverSounds in Castell, Texas. Jeri Arsenault produced and also played on it. Jeri has recorded a variety of Texas musicians including Joe King Carrasco, Chris Maresh, Art Kidd, Elliott Fikes, and Ben Beckendorff, in addition to film sound tracks, mp3 files, video and live recording. Jeri also fronts her own band Enchanted Rock, formed in 1993 with bassist Chris Maresh and drummer Art Kidd.

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Sweet Sixties Songs

You changed the world by the way you lived
You showed the children of the bomb to laugh and to give
You took the streets with a righteous sound
And loved the best of the paradise where you were found
Everyone walked together hand in hand 
Trying to revive and uplift our sacred land
It seemed that it all was turning wrong 
Then you started singin' your sweet, sixties songs

When I was young I looked up to you
And when I came of age I swore I'd follow thru
So, I grew my hair and learned guitar 
Tried all those sweet 'n silly things to be just who you are
Oh, how I looked everyday for your light
And I believed that you could make it alright
'Cuz I was lost 'til you came along
And got me singin' your sweet, sixties songs

Now, you're unsure about the way you lived
You think the world's changed so much best you better keep it hid
So, you're enticed to downplay your past
You seek security like it's guaranteed to last
All the season's in your life can't be denied
But, the world needs all of us standing side by side
And we'll stand up, be counted strong
And we'll be singin' our sweet, sixties songs

 1999 Bennett A. Brier

bennettsongs Music

Lyrics and Music - Bennett Brier
Van Wilks - Vocal and Lead Guitar
Jeri Arsenault - Rhythm Guitar
Jay Sims - Rhythm Guitar
Chris Maresh - Bass Guitar
Art Kidd - Drums
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