Dean Friscic Songs II Songwriter: Dean Friscic
Stars In The Sky
  • 1  Stars In The Sky
  • 2  It Happened
  • 3  The Sparkle Of You
  • 4  Dreamers
  • 5  Here Comes Hope (new vocal)
  • 6  I Can't Believe (new vocal)
  • 7  Fall Asleep Tonight
  • 8  I Can't Explain
  • 9  She Punched My Heart
  • 10  Give It A Nudge
  • 11  Worth To Me
  • 12  It Turned Out That Way
  • 13  Late November Rain
  • 14  I'm Never Cold On Christmas
  • 15  I Looked Through My Heart
  • 16  Midsummer Blues
  • 17  I Don't Have A Care
  • 18  Taking My Time
  • 19  Let's Go To 'Bama
  • 20  The Houses With Light
  • 21  He's Got Somethin'
  • 22  The Breaking Of A Heart
  • 23  I Can't Believe
  • 24  He Has A Place
  • 25  A Million Miracles
  • 26  Sometimes We Were Right
  • 27  Big Screen TV
  • 28  Forever True
  • 29  She Changes Her Mind
  • 30  Stop That Kiss
  • 31  I Gave Her A Nickname
  • 32  Sleeping Her Way To The Top
Dean Friscic Songs II
Nothing's been good for me since he-- went away.              
My world's been turned upside-- down.                     
I haven't laughed-- since I don't know-- when.
My eyes are fixed on the ground.                      

But when I look above
I see the place   
dreams are made---.
Bless this night for   
stars in the sky.
All I have are the
stars in the sky.

I can't remember the days-- of the week.                       
I wonder where-- are my friends.
Wish there was something that could soothe my broken heart.           
I want these blues-- to end.                                    

And so I look above
where I can find 
what I need---.
chorus 8 bars:
Bless this night for   
stars in the sky.
All I have are the
stars in the sky.
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