Michael Prather Songs II Songwriter: Michael Prather
ALL AROUND YOU - w - Dale-
  • 1  ALL AROUND YOU - w - Dale-
  • 2  Like Her Heart's On Fire
  • 3  Force Of Nature
  • 4  Invest In A Heart
  • 5  Forever Love
  • 6  No Worries Now
  • 7  Forever, For The Rest Of Our Lives
  • 8  Sweet Harmony
  • 9  All Around You
  • 10  It Ain't Easy Forgetting
  • 11  Pretend You're My Love
  • 12  If Only She Had Wings
Michael Prather Songs
One of our SongRamp Community, Dale Crockett, passed away yesterday. Dale was a Master Musician and Songwriter and good friend, he did the tracks for me on this song, he had also done a vocal so I could follow along on it and I am now posting his version of the song. RIP Dale.
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