Rusty Spurr & The Dusty Chaps Band Songwriter: Jim Durall
The Morning Sun
  • 1  The Morning Sun
  • 2  Talkin' Mary Jane Blues
  • 3  Time Don't Fly By When Yer Blue
  • 4  Lookin' Around
  • 5  Plain & Simple
  • 6  Cowboy Movies & Cowboy Songs
  • 7  A Joker In My Heart
  • 8  Oh Boy!
  • 9  Red Wine(Alternate)
  • 10  Sad Times(Blues For Two)
  • 11  Night Side Of Town
  • 12  Honky Tonk Fever
  • 13  Now She's Got A Heartache(Just Like Mine)
  • 14  I Still Like Blue
  • 15  Steppin' Stone
  • 16  The Calm Behind The Storm
  • 17  You're My Diamond Mine
  • 18  The Old Bar Clock
  • 19  Lesson In Love
  • 20  Broken Hearts, Sad Songs & Honky Tonks
  • 21  Last Call
  • 22  Darn My Luck
  • 23  Ticket To Your Heart
  • 24  Song For A Cowboy
  • 25  Keep Your Tears Out Of My Beer
  • 26  Red Eyes And A Blue Heart
  • 27  The Mirror Behind The Bar
  • 28  A Joker In My Heart
  • 29  A Coffin Made of Blues
  • 30  The Ol' Dog House
  • 31  Someone Else Has Lucky Arms Tonight
  • 32  Red Wine
  • 33  If It Wasn't For The Whiskey(I'd Be Cryin' In My
  • 34  Stupid Walls
  • 35  A Sadder Shade Of Blue
  • 36  Dancin' At Midnight
  • 37  Whisper
  • 38  Slammered
  • 39  Someone Dropped Your Name Last Night
  • 40  Would You Be My Darlin'
  • 41  Set Up The Bar
  • 42  Empty Is The Love(remix)
  • 43  Too Late To Catch A Train
  • 44  Cry Myself To Sleep
  • 45  Someone Stole My Broken Heart
  • 46  dangit.lonesome
  • 47  Kentucky Whiskey
  • 48  I'm Walkin' Straight Into A Heartache
  • 49  Old Overholt
Rusty Spurr is a figment of my imagination(or vice-a-versa)
The Dusty Chaps Band consists of me, myself & I and hired hands kind enough to help me out with their talent on my demos.
The first 2 verse's were actually just a poem I wrote circa 1971.  A friend liked it a lot and put music to it and added some lyrics as a bridge. He then recorded it with a mutual friend of ours, circa 1972-73. Due to old age I don't remember him doing this.  I got a CD in the mail 2 weeks ago with the original recording on it. Bob Richardson played rhythm guitar and did the vocal.  Our mutual friend, Richard Smith played back up guitar and the solo.  Had to upload this, couldn't help myself.

The Morning Sun (c) 1972 Jim Durall/ Bob Richardson
When the wind is cold and on the run
And mother has no milk to feed her sun
And all the world of nature is undone
Then let's all say that we belong
In the light of the morning sun
The morning sun
When the light is dim and on the wane
And children see our blindness still remains
And all the world of joy is lost in pain
Then lets all say that in the rain
All our fear, all our pain's the same
All the same
Every time you look up at the sky above you
Every time you look into the eyes before you
Every time you think about the world around you
You know it's time..........., you know it's time
Repeat Bridge
Repeat V1
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