Rusty Spurr & The Dusty Chaps Band Songwriter: Jim Durall
Time Don't Fly By When Yer Blue
  • 1  Time Don't Fly By When Yer Blue
  • 2  Lookin' Around
  • 3  Plain & Simple
  • 4  Cowboy Movies & Cowboy Songs
  • 5  A Joker In My Heart
  • 6  Oh Boy!
  • 7  Red Wine(Alternate)
  • 8  Sad Times(Blues For Two)
  • 9  Night Side Of Town
  • 10  Honky Tonk Fever
  • 11  Now She's Got A Heartache(Just Like Mine)
  • 12  I Still Like Blue
  • 13  Steppin' Stone
  • 14  The Calm Behind The Storm
  • 15  You're My Diamond Mine
  • 16  The Old Bar Clock
  • 17  Lesson In Love
  • 18  Broken Hearts, Sad Songs & Honky Tonks
  • 19  Last Call
  • 20  Darn My Luck
  • 21  Ticket To Your Heart
  • 22  Song For A Cowboy
  • 23  Keep Your Tears Out Of My Beer
  • 24  Red Eyes And A Blue Heart
  • 25  The Mirror Behind The Bar
  • 26  A Joker In My Heart
  • 27  A Coffin Made of Blues
  • 28  The Ol' Dog House
  • 29  Someone Else Has Lucky Arms Tonight
  • 30  Red Wine
  • 31  If It Wasn't For The Whiskey(I'd Be Cryin' In My
  • 32  Stupid Walls
  • 33  A Sadder Shade Of Blue
  • 34  Dancin' At Midnight
  • 35  Whisper
  • 36  Slammered
  • 37  Someone Dropped Your Name Last Night
  • 38  Would You Be My Darlin'
  • 39  Set Up The Bar
  • 40  Empty Is The Love(remix)
  • 41  Too Late To Catch A Train
  • 42  Cry Myself To Sleep
  • 43  Someone Stole My Broken Heart
  • 44  dangit.lonesome
  • 45  Kentucky Whiskey
  • 46  I'm Walkin' Straight Into A Heartache
  • 47  Old Overholt
Rusty Spurr is a figment of my imagination(or vice-a-versa)
The Dusty Chaps Band consists of me, myself & I and hired hands kind enough to help me out with their talent on my demos.
Just another scratch track till I get old broken recording equipment replaced. Who knows when. Wrote this 10 years ago forgot about it and just found the lyrics and chord sheet in a box while sorting thru boxes of stuff in my studio.  Thru together a melody and recorded straight into Garage Band thru built in iMac mic.  Hope this is enjoyed and thanks for any listens.

    Time Don't Fly By When Yer Blue - (c) 2009 Jim Durall
When time flies by, like a bird up on high
I guess someone's havin' some fun
It's probably him and it's probably you
And I probably wish that weren't true

When time flies by, I try and hitch a ride
But that old man just stares at my thumb
So I'm stuck in these rooms where time barely moves
I wonder how long I've been blue

Oh time don't fly by, when there's a reason to cry
I guess I've been thinkin' 'bout you
It's hard to believe but it seems to be true
Time don't fly by when yer blue
It's hard to believe but it seems to be true
Time don't fly by when yer blue

When time flies by, leavin' me behind
Where once we laughed in the sun
Now the sunset's are blue & when I've had me a few
Each glass has a memory of you
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