Scorpio and Me Songwriter: Bennett Brier
Scorpio and Me
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This is my second CD, Scorpio and Me, released on September 21, 2010. All songs are written or co-written by me, including 14 original Modern Folk songs reflecting his folk and rock influences. I have composed music for over 30 years and have written over 150 songs to date. I am a member of BMI®, the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) ®, and the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, Inc.

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Scorpio and me we are just like twins
Charging down the pathway and coming home again
Lady and I conversing about kin
And Scorpio and me we are just like twins

Scorpio and me we are always on the go
Always got to run and sometimes need to know
Lady and I what does it show
That Scorpio and me we are always on the go

Scorpio and me we're just passing the time
Everybody watchin' and some think it's fine
Lady and I in and out of line
And Scorpio and me were just passing the time

Scorpio and me we are finding a place
Where all the good we do can never be erased
Lady and I and everyone we face
Like Scorpio and me we are finding a place

Scorpio and me we are just like twins
Charging down the pathway and coming home again
Lady and I conversing about kin
Scorpio and me we are just like twins

 2010 Bennett A. Brier
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Lyrics and Music - Bennett Brier

Jay Sims - Vocals, guitar
Stephen Doster - Lead guitar
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