Anthem Songwriter: Bennett Brier
You Make Me Sing
  • 1  You Make Me Sing
  • 2  Lost And Found
  • 3  My Bird In Flight
  • 4  Anthem
  • 5  Don't Say Goodbye
  • 6  Communion
  • 7  Tender Flame
  • 8  Another Time
  • 9  Baby At My Knees
  • 10  Unconditional Love
  • 11  Sweet Sixties Songs
Anthem was recorded during the winter and spring of 1999 at RiverSounds in Castell, Texas. Jeri Arsenault produced and also played on it. Jeri has recorded a variety of Texas musicians including Joe King Carrasco, Chris Maresh, Art Kidd, Elliott Fikes, and Ben Beckendorff, in addition to film sound tracks, mp3 files, video and live recording. Jeri also fronts her own band Enchanted Rock, formed in 1993 with bassist Chris Maresh and drummer Art Kidd.

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You Make Me Sing

Musical Darlin', you play so very hard 
All the ways you pick me up like a classical guitar
Echoing through my mind you play your righteous tune
How you mean to hold me close midnight and afternoon
Oh, how my music depends on the strings you play again
And how you make me sing

It's in history; so simple, so true
One can't write that perfect song no matter what you do
It's either lost when you wake or in someone else's hand
And as you pull me close to you I trust you understand
Oh, how my music depends on the strings you play again
And how you make me sing

I can feel your fingering up and down my neck
I can feel you playing with and soothing my back
How I know that you're the one who can make me sing these lines
And every time our song is done Im ready another time
Oh, how my music depends on the strings you play again
And how you make me sing

Musical Darlin', nothing stops our song 
The strings that bind our rhyming hearts in a time that goes on and on and on and on
And you can depend on me singing just for you
I don't know just what you'll hear, I'll feel it pouring thru
Oh, how my music depends on the strings you play again
And how you make me sing

 1999 Bennett A. Brier
bennettsongs Music

Lyrics and Music - Bennett Brier

Deb Schnack - Vocal
Jay Sims - Acoustic Guitar, Backup Vocal
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