Homeless Friends of Mine Songwriter: Gary Clute
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I work at a Homeless assistance non-profit. A lot of stories here - hope I can share some.
                            Words and Music
                            Gary Clute

Would you be cool  how you lived your life
If today was the day you died
Or would you question every move you ever made
or would you think it's  a blessing in disguise
Would you be cool


Or would it be
Terrifying, crucifying, can't stop cryin' , 
Sending shivers up your spine
paralyzing, Damndifying,  magnifying, 
That Your heart beat's out of time
Would  you be cool, Would you be cool

Now You're learning who you really are
and you're finally letting down your guard
And you still have questions from your last go round 
every answer that you find seems to miss the mark
Would you be cool


Would you be cool  how you lived your life
would you be cool
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