Nobody Knows Where Our Bus Driver Goes Songwriter: Jeff Mondak
  • 2  Waiting in the Dark-recited
  • 3  When Jenny Joined the Wizards--recited
  • 4  Four Houses--recited
  • 5  Furious Phillip's Fantastic Find--recited
  • 6  That is Not Spaghetti-recited
  • 7  The Scales of Justice-recited
  • 8  The Line--recited
  • 9  Dancing Tree--recited
  • 10  Dear Lunch Lady-recited
  • 11  Any Answers?--recited
  • 12  Nobody Knows Where Our Bus Driver Goes-recited
  • 13  Y Not-recited
  • 14  A Reindeer Holiday--recited
  • 15  The Mountain-recited
  • 16  Up All Night--recited
  • 17  A Spirited Denial--recited
  • 18  Three Limericks--recited
  • 19  How I Became a Black Belt--recited
  • 20  International Federation of Genies-recited
This collection features me reciting many of my poems, with musical backing tracks by Tony Charnock, Ed Dunn and Michael Frazier. These are from my 2013 CD Nobody Knows Where Our Bus Driver Goes.
Foul CombinationWords and spoken vocal by Jeff MondakMusic by Ed DunnSeptember snacksOctober lunchesBananas shriveledBy the bunchesEncrusted sneakersMoldy lacesA rubber bandFrom someone’s bracesDecaying insectsPinned on postersA jar with knobsFrom sixteen toastersA balding toothbrushLosing bristlesSpelunking deeperBroken whistlesOppressive odorGym socks reekingRevolting taskParole I’m seekingMy punishmentFor missing soccerIs cleaning outOur coach’s locker

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