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Wes Tibbets

I thought I did when I posted this....

I think I understand everything you mentioned. I made a mistake in what I wrote by referring to some of the styles I was studying relating to my own from a standpoint of lingo and so forth. When I saw you use the term "syncopated", that is more what I was meaning. A lot of what I write is syncopated type lyrics. I believe that it is because I can't bellow them out like you can. What little singing ability I have is served best by syncopated phrases.

To be honest, beyond the fact that each song represents a songwriter who wrote a song in a clever new way to say the same thing that has been played a million times, the only thing that I could possibly say positive about the pop country 40 is that I'm glad I learned that the term I've been searching for is "syncopated" lyrics.  Because the truth is, the only real opinion I could give on that list if I did it in depth wouldn't be anything positive. Because I don't see it as an industry professional. I see it as an old school fan of country music, club dj and amateur wordsmith. And in all honesty, my interests are better served if I don't take it any further than that.

Hope you are doing well.