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Thread: MAB Q&A
Wes Tibbets
Thanks MAB,

I think I understand everything you mentioned. I made a mistake in what I wrote by referring to some of the styles I was studying relating to my own from a standpoint of lingo and so forth. When I saw you use the term "syncopated", that is more what I was meaning. A lot of what I write is syncopated type lyrics. I believe that it is because I can't bellow them out like you can. What little singing ability I have is served best by syncopated phrases.

Not that it is relevant now after what you wrote, but this is the source of those names of up and coming artists I mentioned earlier....11 New Country Artists To Watch For In 2016. Maren Morris who is at #10 on the chart you posted above is one of them. But anyway, that is irrelevant to the subject itself. 

OD and I have been communicating some today. He sent me some of the songs the two of you worked on together. He's helping me with some tips for "Plain Jane" to bring it around a little. I start work on Tuesday. I got a part time job working 5 hours in the early am 7 days a week. It will help supplement my income so I can put aside some money for some of the things I want to do. But mostly it's just another step along my path to returning to normalcy and defying the odds from a health standpoint. Everything about my world these days is baby steps. Anyway, thanks again.