Carl B

                                                                                     Reviewing Lyrics - Guidelines & Suggestions

What is a review or critique of a lyric? Each of us will approach it from different angles. Some of us are perhaps more technical, others analytical, some more detail oriented. So what constitutes a review? I have several suggestions to ponder over. If you're unsure then just give your overall impression of the lyric but consider some of the following ideas when posting a review.

Emotional Impact : Are you moved by what you've read? Does it tug at your heart strings? Does it make you want to laugh or perhaps even cry?  Is it entertaining? How does it make you feel?

Emotional Appeal: Is the appeal universal in the genre intended or even unintended for?

A strong title or hook :  Is it effective? 

Is there a story?  Does the lyric have a beginning, middle and ending point. Is it moving along or is it going no where? Does the story have good use of visual imagery? Where is the story taking place? Do the verses set the scene for the chorus? How about a bridge if one exists? Does the bridge take the chorus in a new direction and or put a twist on what's going on in the verses?

Would the lyric sing well?

Is it conversational?

Is there a consistent  structure, meter, rhythm or number of stresses from verse to verse?

Originality : How fresh or used is the song idea?  Would it stand out?

These are just some ideas to keep in mind when reviewing another person's lyric contigent upon what the writer is looking for in the way of feedback.
I  believe the experience here in the writer's room should be fun.  We all come from many different walks , experiences and stages in life.   I believe it's significant to be respectful and senstive to what others say even if we don't agree with them.  Try to respond to each person who reviews or comments on your lyric.  You'll find if you go the extra mile, you just might get the same in return.  Like life it's a two way street we all share.
Hope I don't sound preachy or pedantic. That's not my intention, just some thoughts.  Like you I'm here to learn,  grow and hopefully connect with some of you through music, poetry and lyrics we write.