Carl B

                                                                                                                      Writer's Room Objective & Thoughts


Hi, gang

Welcome to the writer's room! This is the place to post lyrics that are unfinished works in progress. Consider this forum a place to get constructive feedback on something you've written.  We ask that when you post your lyric, you also review two other lyrics already posted. In doing so it will encourage others who have posted material to participate in reviewing the lyric you've posted and perhaps others too. We're all here to help each other. We all share an interest in writing. We each come from different experiences and stages in life which leads me to the question when posting a lyric, what is it that you want from someone else's review?  I don't say it should be a prerequisite, but it would be very helpful to both reviewer and the writer posting his or her lyric to specifically state what it is he or she is looking for in the way of a review or critique.  Are you interested in making changes to lines, a verse , a chorus, a bridge or even a single word or two?  Do you want help creating a story or adding motion to the story you've got? Do you want help with making the lyric more descriptive?  Are you looking for ideas to make what you've written stronger or stand out? Or, do you simply want an overall impression that the lyric leaves on other members of the community?

Often times I've found in my own experience that what translates one way in my head comes across very differently through the eyes of others.  So, in a nutshell, what I am trying to say is focus in on how you the writer can best be helped by identifying  what it is you want or hope to get from other people after they've read your material.

Try to identify and state a particular music genre you the writer envisions your lyric being set to. This can then better help anyone who has suggestions to make by giving the reviewer a clearer understanding of what you want to do . If you're uncertain of a music genre then say so or pose a question asking what genre comes to mind among reviewers .

So come on!!!!!

Post a lyric
Don't be shy
It can be fun
If you try

For every lyric
That you post
Review two others
To get the most
Out of what
It is you write
State the genre
You have in sight