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This is a short and simple jazz song, with only two verses and a bridge. It's all about snowflakes, analogizing them, at times, to human beings. I can't finish the hardest part--the conclusion to the song.
© 2023 Words and Music by C.W. Brownell
Floating through the air
Landing everywhere
Like six-sided greeting cards
From loved ones who really care
How long will they stay?
Only God can say
I hope these snowflakes stick around
At least till Christmas Day
Through the years they come and go
Bringing joy to life
Like dear friends that we have known
It’s hard to say goodbye
From above they came
No two are the same
All too soon they disappear
As the ice turns into rain
_________________________(5 syllables)
_________________________(5 syllables)
_________________________(8 syllables)
_________________________(6 syllables)