Pinky Fingy Thingy
We were sitting around the campfire the other night.
Talking about Religion,Politics and things guys like to discuss.
Women smoke and what have you.
We got on the subject about hand gestures
And road rage on the highways.
we talked about Johnny Cash flipping the bird
From the F Bomb to sit on it and rotate.
one guy started talking about Bill Clinton's thumb
and how John F. Kennedy even used it.
the one called the finger gun to the head
we all got a good laugh from that one.
Talked about the pointing the finger
We all call the blame game
it all started in the Garden of Eden when Adam
and also the Loser sign good laugh
Then things got serious when one guy spoke up
and said I wish there was a sign for sorry
So we all tried to come up with one
One guy said what about the pinky finger
Decided to test it out the next morning
Cut a ladsy off in this hot red Farrari
She was angry and pulled me over
Walk up to me and slapped my face
And said
What's this pinky fingy thingy
Told her about the other night
She smiled at me and gave me a kiss
Now it's spreading like wild fire
Thing called the pinky fingy thingy
It'a a highway smash
Everybody is now using the sorry finger
it's across the nation
The Pinky fingy thingy
Copyright © 2013 Larry Gordon Killam (SOCAN/ASCAP)
(;Yrral Mallik Publishing;)