Ian Jolley
I have a song that needs a strong male or female vocal to "make it work"
The song is quite cynical but needs a bright happier vocal. Would anyone on Songramp be interested.
I have been involved in several collabs with other members over the years. Would anyone consider helping with this. Plenty of licence and scope to change and be creative too.
Gary Clute
I'm happy to try Ian. Do you have a track to sing to or do we need to make one?
Ian Jolley
Gary - Thanks for the offer really appreciate it. I have attached a vocal free version. If you need anything else stripping out or wnt to add/change anything feel free to let me know.
Can't wait to hear your efforts.
Ian Jolley
Attachment didn't work
Its here - https://soundcloud.com/ijay_x/they-had-a-friend-no-vocal