In German, Sonntag means Sunday! Sunday is traditionally the first day of the week. It signifies a fresh start. The new SongRamp has had a fresh start with this new website. I have been trying various things to get folks more involved. So... keeping religion and politics out of it and giving a positive influence to others, let's play Song Tag! #SongTag
Only 1 or 2 lines per person and then tag another member. Let's involve as many different members as possible... include folks not on here as often, too. Please do not to repeat and tag someone who has already added a line. In other words... see who has already contributed before you tag.
When you start a verse, add a bridge or are ready for the chorus, just add a break and insert repeat chorus or add bridge. If you have line, hold onto it. Hopefully you will get tagged. If you like this, we can do it again.
Please do not add until you are tagged. Only a person tagged can add a line. If you add a line without being tagged, it will be deleted.
To tag a person, use this format @ShaneFarmer ... and send them a message on their wall.
I will be watching... so PLEASE follow the rules. This is to have fun and meet knew folks!
"Misty Cold November"
It's a misty cold November. @ShaneFarmer
Shane Farmer
Autumn leaves, red, gold and brown,
Stir up thoughts to be remembered
Eddie Minyard
I count them all, watch them fall
as my tears did, last November