Chris Brownell
Here's a New Year's Eve drinking song about life, death, and the passage of time.

"To You and Me"
© 2017  Words* and Music by C.W. Brownell

As we gather to remember
All the things that came to pass
Bidding farewell to December
With a song and with a glass

Let us sing of all the goals we crossed
Let us toast to victory
Let us note how much the friends we lost
Truly meant to you and me

They say time is always flying—
Gather rosebuds while you may
For, tomorrow, will be dying
All that blooms for you today

Raise your voice and join us in the song
Raise your hand for all to see
Celebrate before the moment's gone
Raise your glass to you and me

As the moments become hours
And the hours turn to days
Right before your eyes, the years go by
And memories fade away

Years from now when people gather
And we're gone without a trace
Here are questions that will matter
For the ones who take our place

Will they laud the gods of alcohol?
Will they sing our melody?
Will they pause to think of us ... at all?
Will they drink to you and me?
Will they drink to you and me?

* The first stanza of Verse 2 is based on the first stanza of “To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time”, a poem by Robert Herrick (1591-1674).
Larry Killam
Enjoyed Da Read .All Da Best with it my friend.