"Life Is Very Short" is my June 2017 song. I completed The lyrics and the Tune, The complete instrument performance, Vocals, Engineering and mixing. Please feel free to hit on any thing.




Life Is Very Short

Baby, do you wanna have fun

Dance beneath the moon lite sky

Share a dream and fantasize it's real

Take a trip to Shangri La

Stay the night and do what we feel


Life is very short

Let's take the day off

We can blast our way off right now

Why waste any thought

Let's take the day off

And don't even wonder how

Repeat Chorus

Baby, do you wanna have fun

Fly above all life's lows

We could chill in Kokomo or Rome

Float down stream to paradise

Than we take the long way home

Nothing Really matters

But the fun we share tonight - well all right

Repeat Chorus