I'm Curtis, 25 years old. I'm Belgian American. I play folk/country/rock songs, I also write songs by the way I'll be happy to present you my original songs!
I'm a big Neil Young fan, I can also mention those bands/artists that I really like : Graham Nash, The Carpenters, The Beatles, Parliament/Funkadelic.
I'm into music from the 60's-70's.

I do support the US soccer team, soccer is my favorite sport.

Thanks !
Dave Rice

Hi Curtis:

Welcome to the Ramp.  Looking forward to your future posts and hearing your songs.  Let's hope you've found a home here.

Best wishes,  ----Dave

Michael Prather
John Westwood
Welcome  to the ramp
Larry Killam
Welcome to Da Ramp Family Curtis.Join us in Da Writers Room if U R so inclined.