Here's a little romantic ballad (I'm thinking contemporary country) about how love can turn your whole world upside-down.


© 2016 C.W. Brownell

I used to think I knew my way around—
Was master of my destiny
I knew just where I've been and where I'm bound
But, lately, when you look at me....

I get lost ... in your eyes
Wander off ... to paradise
Just one gaze ... I'm in a daze
In your arms ... I'm ... lost

It's like a whole new world when I'm with you
You are my great discovery
Now going home is something I can't do
'Cause, honey, when you're holding me....


I can't find it on a map—
This place called "You and Me"
Though I'm sure there's no turning back
There's no place else I'd rather be


Just one gaze ... I'm in a daze
In your arms ... I'm ... lost
Arty Redsocks
Are you in love or something LOL lovely ode to a lover, some really strong writing in this as well

Just some minor things on this, feel L3 in V2, re "something I can't do" doesnt quite ring with me and seems more an attempt to make the ryhme, this is more a function of an extended L1 (which doesnt seem to match the equivilant line in V1)

Know many writers dont like to change a line but if it helps to change the line you were trying to rhyme with, it can assist and take it in a slightly different direction and maybe improve the narrative!

Its a  whole new world since you've graced my life
going home and when I turn into the drive

Yours to do with as you please of course

Larry Killam
Enjoyed Da Read Chris changed Da Bridge a wee bit.Keep or sweep my friend.


I can't find it on a map—

This place called Destiny
Though I'm sure there's no going back

There's no place else I'd rather be 
Chris Brownell
Arty and Larry:

Sorry it took me so long to respond and thank you for your comments.

Arty, my intent with the lyrics was not to contextualize them too much. I kind of thought it might work as a movie theme about some famous explorer of the past, or as a song about a modern-day guy who lives down the street. Talking about a “drive” was placing it in time more specifically than I wanted it to be.

Larry, I already used “destiny” in the first verse, so using it again in the bridge didn’t seem right to me.

Thanks to both of you for the comments and suggestions.

P.S.: I changed “no going back” to “no turning back” in the bridge.