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Jonathan San German
K. So continuing my rant, I like the song so far. I like the concept. Really sad. I hope something like this hasn't actually happened to you. If it has, oh my goodness that's terrible and you deserve better. ANYWAY! Instrumentally, it's a lot happier than I thought it would be. Like damn, son. If I were more into country I'd probably want to rage to this track. I envisioned this sounding more like just a simple guitar, harmonica, and maybe some soft drums when you mentioned blues earlier in the thread. But hey, it's your song. You do you, man. You've got a great voice for the genre that you sing. It fits the tone like a glove. I'm sure you probably already knew that though. Now, as far as some of the little effects go. Personally, I don't really care for the chorus/flanger effect that you put on your voice. It doesn't really match the tone of the song and also(in my opinion) when put on vocals it always sounds super forced. Also the little synth you have in the beginning and in between the verses also sounds a little bit unnatural and forced in there too. It just doesn't sound like it fits in a country blues song. Now as for the lyrics, I think they're great! Maybe put a few filler words in there to have the song flow a little bit better. Y'know? The only real thing I have to say about them is maybe not have the "you know it's his; it can't be mine" sung twice. Maybe try coming up with another line that adds to the effect of the song? Anyway, I think this is a really great song you have here.