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Dan Lamons
Ott Lukk said...

I'm not sure I want to be a party to this either, but I vote for "it" rather than "she". When I read "she", I automatically wonder, why not "he"? "It" could refer to either gender. Or did this lady run home after a test and exclaim to her husband, "it's a girl!"?

Hi Ott. I agree with you about it instead of she or he. I was trying to help my ole buddy Porkchop understand. He was so confused by my lyrics he was thinkin I was referring to her HooHoo. But hey, consider the source.

I don't get why this write makes folks distance themselves from it. It is a song about adultery which thousands of songs are about..
This one has the added twist of the adulteress got knocked up by her lover. I think I have broken new ground. Can you name another song addressing this subject? I am sure the subject of which I spoke,happens on a regular basis.

Thanks for your opinion Ott. I am going back to is it his or is it mine. It also sings more easily.