Bob Barca
by on August 22, 2020
Neil Young
In 1973, after I had totally destroyed my drum set from 7 years of abuse, I was looking for another instrument. I was playing the drums in the school band, but I needed something to play at home. I found an old guitar that my sister played earlier. My Mom enrolled me in the Community Cultural Arts program; eight guitar lessons for $18. I took sixteen lessons and that was end of my formal training. It's been by ear ever since. I was listening to "After the Gold Rush" for over 3 years before I took up guitar. I admired Young's clarity and tone. I also liked how he turned simple chord structures into classic gems-and I attribute that to his impeccable style. Neil Young defined the acoustic guitar for me. To this day, I am still influenced by his playing. To me, he was the epitome of an acoustic player, one to certainly emulate. "Oh to live on Sugar Mountain"..........
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