Timothy Wilde
by on April 24, 2015
Okay, so I wrote a song about divorce and drinking though I have no personal experience with either one. So how did I come up with a divorce/drinking song? I've got a brother and friends that are pretty much experts in both and they "volunteered" their expertise. The jest of the song is that a guy getting a divorce seeks out a lawfirm at a local bar and finds the “Highly successful law firm of Walker, Daniels, & Beam”. After I finished the song I went on a golf trip to Arizona with the “muses”, my brother and friend Bob. They heard the song and loved it and Bob came up with the idea that we would check into every golf course as Walker, Daniels, and Beam. We were playing some fancy courses such as the Point at Tapatio where they would announce you on the first tee. Across the sound system we would hear, “Now on the first tee, Walker, Daniels, and Beam….Walker, Daniels, and Beam to the first tee!” We decided the first person that caught us in our charade would instantly get 20 bucks from each of us. Finally we checked in at one of the courses with our “aliases” and some girl behind the counter that didn’t look old enough to drink, paused for a moment and said, “Those aren’t your real names, are they?” She looked very bewildered as we each pulled out a 20 dollar bill and threw it at her laughing the entire way as we headed out to the first tee!
Eddie Minyard
Excellent! As a veteran of two divorces - and countless evenings with the three gentlemen in question - I can tell you, this is a hoot!