SONGRAMP is a music community focused on the creative aspects of music and songwriting. The name implies a place where songs and songwriters can advance (ramp) based upon their merit.


The mission of SongRamp is to create a thriving, productive environment that encourages an atmosphere of community, respect, collaboration, and growth for musicians and songwriters of all backgrounds and levels.


SongRamp has been an online music community since April 2001. The SongRamp community is made up of members who have a passion for music as well as helping others learn, share and grow. The participation and interaction among members has slowly built a family and a place known as "home". The SongRamp membership is an interactive community with music, forums, chat, blogs, photos, store, and artist homepages. SongRamp is a vibrant online community. Our members are involved and participate in all areas of the community. This is represented in the stats below.

• SongRamp has over: • over 2,000+ registered members •

• Membership in 25 countries •

• 9,000+ songs posted in open mic

The community is sensitive to issues such as copyright regulations for all members and is more strict with music uploads than most music sites. The Terms of Service address these issues and follow practice accordingly.


The SongRamp Team is dedicated to the mission of our community. Our team has a huge passion for music and helping people. Our moderator and admin team manage the forums, open mic, chat, blogs and member communications. Our VOLUNTEER Admins lead the community by working with moderators and members to provide an environment of open communication and improvement.


SongRamp has three different membership levels, with three different "paid" levels, depending on your need. Members are encouraged to join and experience the community. We also have a Free Membership for those wishing to try before you buy. SongRamp members are a diverse group consisting of fans, new musicians and songwriters to the more advanced, publishers, producers, radio, and record labels.


SongRamp is a targeted community of musicians and songwriters. This is a dynamic and growing community. SongRamp provides marketing/relationship opportunities through sponsorships, newsletters, and web banners.


SongRamp is owned and operated by, LLC - a Member-Owned Limited Liability Company. SongRamp c/o Ed Minyard 92 Barderry Ln Nottingham, NH 03290