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Welcome To SongRamp
We’re glad to have you as a member and to help you get acquainted with the site and some of what it has to offer, please take a moment and read through this “tutorial” of tips.
Here is a screenshot of the “Home” page:

Note the two sections A & B outlined in red. Once you are logged in, Section A will display your username, the date and how many people are logged into the site at that time. You’ll also see the “Logout” button. If you have not logged in, the “Logout” button is the “Login” button. You need to be logged in to post songs, check for Sitemail messages and access certain portions of the site.  Also in Section A, though not displayed, will be where you will see the SiteMail notification. Sitemail is a sort of “in house” email system with which you can communicate with other SongRamp Members. Section B is what we call the “Navigation Bar” and it appears on every page in the site allowing you to quickly go from place to place. Home will always bring you back to the main SongRamp Homepage. My Ramp is where your user specific items are managed from – More on that in a bit. Store is the sites E-Commerce portion, where you can buy/sell songs or CD’s and purchase Memberships. Open Mic is where the music is and where you go to upload your songs – more on that too. Radio is the page where SongRamp Staff compiles various songs from various members into a radio show type format. Forums are our discussion rooms. From Site news and questions to Songwriting to recording gear to Off Topic discussions – you’ll find it here. Photos is our online photo gallery. Blogs is where our members are welcome to start and maintain their own weblogs. FAQ/Help is just that! Most likely every answer to every question you could possibly have can be found here. And if it’s not, you are always welcome to email us at:
Also notice below Sections A & B is our Community News section where you’ll see our rotating monthly honors and news items. On the right hand portion of the page are quick links to some of the other offerings of the site.
Now to some specifics. First, My Ramp:

Holding the mouse over My Ramp gives you a drop down box as shown above. My Homepage takes you to, you guessed it, your homepage. Here you will see Edit: Page, Colors. Edit Page is where you go to add a photo of you or your band for example. And add a bio about yourself along with any contact info you might want to have shown. Edit: Colors is where you change the background colors of your homepage. My Favorite Songs & My Favorite Artists – If you find a particular song you like, you have the option to add that song to your own “favorites” list to quickly go back to it in the future. Same for Artists. By adding an Artist you can quickly go back to their page from the list you create. Both of these options to Add Favorites are found to the individual song pages. My Songs is simply a quick-link to the list of songs you have posted. My Listening Room – also referred to as the PLR (Private Listening Room) is a private place for you to post songs that are not yet ready for the public open mic, for example. A lot of SongRamp members use the PLR for collaborations by posting a work for another member to hear/download/add to etc. My Stats is a condensed listing of the plays your songs are getting by month. My SiteMail is your own personal site email system. There is an Inbox for incoming messages, Sent Mail for outgoing ones and Archive for message that you want to keep. If you have a message waiting, you will see the notification in Section A as mentioned earlier. There is also the option to receive (or not) email notifications at your real email address for where you have been sent a message. My Blog & My Photos are quick links to any blogs that you have started or any photo’s that you have uploaded to the Gallery. My Profile is pretty self explanatory. A lot of members will have a small photograph next to their posts in the Forums. These photo’s are called Avatars. Know that your Avatar must be a small picture! The maximum size is 100 X 130 pixels. Most photo editing software will allow you to “Resize” the photo and most computers come with some sort of photo editing program. You will likely find the “resize” command in one of the dropdown boxes on that software’s menu bar. The last four on this drop down are Store related and they too are self explanatory.
Now to Open Mic:

Open Mic has it’s own Navigation Bar that looks like this:
Open Mic:  [Whats New] [Song Charts] [My Songs] [My Favorites] [Search] [Upload Song]
Well, they are all self explanatory and some like My Favorites are found in other parts of the site. You can specify a particular Genre and you can also click the Play Page and it will begin playing every song on the page without stopping. Clicking on the Song Title opens what is called the Song Page. Clicking on the Artists name takes you to their Homepage. HiFi is where you click to play if you have a HighSpeed net connection and LoFi is for folks on dialup. If you see “dnld” as an option that means the artists allows free downloads of that song. So, how do I get my song on there, you ask? Click Upload Song from the Open Mic page.

The top portion of the page is shown here. The green background info show you how much space you are using and have remaining with your current membership level. To check our various membership levels and their benefits go here. Next is our Terms and File Type. Your songs MUST be MP3’s (with Frequency Sample rate of the mp3 file is set to 44.1 kHz).No other file type will upload. You can right click on the file that is your song and select Properties to show what the file type is, if you are unsure. If you need to convert your song files to MP3 format you can try this converter or this one Now, you select what Genre best fits the song you are uploading. Next, type in the Title – This is what will show in Open Mic. Now click the Browse Button to locate the MP3 on your computer. In the big Text Box type in whatever you want. Typically the Writers credits, copyright info, lyrics, a story of how the song came to be. That sort of stuff. Although it's certainly not required, we'd encourage you to put your lyrics in this box - your listeners will really appreciate being able to read the lyrics while they listen! This will all appear on the Song Page.
Now the bottom section – Priority means the higher the number 1-99 the lower on your homepage it will be posted.. Most folks just leave that at 99 for each upload. Explicit Lyrics – If your song has them, put a tick in this box. Allow Reviews – Tick this box if you would like to give listeners the ability to leave you feedback on the song. Allow Streaming – This is by default there and requires no action on your part. Sell Downloads  - See Here for more details. If you do elect to sell downloads you MUST include a graphic that is no bigger than 200X200 pixels. Free Downloads – Tick here means your song can be downloaded for free. Not ticking this box means free downloads are not allowed. Upload Terms – Put a tick in this box says you agree to the Terms Of Service. This is required. Now you’re done – Click Upload. It will take a bit so don’t navigate away until it gets finished and when it does the screen will go to the Open Mic page and your song will be on the top of the list!
Please note that if you choose NOT to allow Free Downloads (therefore you have not checked the Free Downloads checkbox), YOU will still see the download link on your homepage. This simply means that YOU alone can download your song; no one else can. This is a feature so that if necessary, you can download your song, if needed, from a remote location. Again, no one else will see your Download link if you choose not to allow free downloads; but you will always see the download link regardless.
Here are some useful links:
Your Management Team
SongRamp’s Terms Of Service
Frequently Asked Questions
Now you should have a pretty good feel for how to get around in the site. Here are just a few more tips to consider.In an effort to maximize your SongRamp membership (i.e. get your songs heard) there are a few things you should consider...
SongRamp is a community. One that has been built by the membership over the last 6 or so years. Like any community people come and people go, some just “drive by”, dump off a load of songs and we don’t hear from them again, and many more “move in” to stay. We hope you will be among the latter and there are some things you should know to help you get to know your new neighbors.
* Put something, anything about yourself on your homepage so folks can get to “know” you a bit. A brief bio, a pic, something.. Even if you are a music lover and are here just to listen to some of the best music anywhere, put at least something on your page. 

* Listen. Go to Open Mic and LISTEN, Leave a comment. If you post your own songs and wonder why you get no listens or reviews, it’s because you probably haven't returned the favor. The best way to get people to your music is go to theirs first. Period. You get out of this site what you put into it. It's that simple.

* Do not spam strangers with “come listen to my song” messages. Once you get to know folks, they will let you know to notify them of any new songs you post and you can ask the same of them.

* Participate. Participate in the community. Be active. Not only via Open Mic but in the forums too. Remember, the one dimensional type written word carries no emotion, no mannerisms and can easily be misunderstood, so use the Smileys. And don't make it personal.. I remember watching a baseball game where Roger Clemens was arguing balls and strikes with the Ump.. Clemens said something to the effect of "You gutless, ****suckin, m*******f******* and at that the Ump tossed him from the game.. A camera was on Clemens and it was obvious what he said though you couldn't hear it.. After the game the Ump was asked which word was it that got Clemens ejected? He replied, "you.." so keep that in mind.. :-)

* Know, there are no prizes here. Your song hitting number one on the charts will get you no record contract. Winning Artist Of The Month or any other honor won’t either. Yes, they are terrific honors and they should be respected but you won’t get a check. 

* This is a nice place. Try to keep it that way. If you listen to a song and you think it sucks and you just HAVE to tell the artists as much, do so using a personal message and not in a public comment. . It’s not a rule, just common courtesy. And don’t just say “your song sucks.”  Tell them why. Be constructive with your review. The majority of the songs posted here are not recorded in Professional Studios so keep that in mind.

In a nutshell, treat others the way you would wish to be treated.
Again, Welcome to SongRamp!
Your Management Team



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