Dear SongRamp Members: Bart Herbison of NSAI here. I just want to thank everyone for the great input about SongRamp over recent weeks. In December we will schedule some live forums on the site for us to begin discussing the future direction of SongRamp. Let me reiterate that SongRamp IS NOT CLOSING!!!! We will find the true course for this amazing community together over the coming months. Jimi Whitelaw, who is NSAI's "Site Administrator" for SongRamp is off on maternity leave for a few weeks. When Jimi returns we will schedule times for the forums and other communications as we move forward. In the meantime we continue to speak with SongRamp founder Tim Choate about the solutions to our "technical" wish list. Incorporating all of the changes immediately (and thank you for the input SongRamp members and particularly Lucy Webster) is cost prohibitive. So, we will also discuss prioritizing the technical changes to the site, implement some immediately and develop a timeline to eventually implement them all. Thanks for being patient. In the interim, between now and the scheduled forums, I'd like to ask that SongRamp members send a simple e-mail to jimi@nashvillesongwriters.com with your input on three questions: (Please be succinct) 1) What is SongRamp? If you had to describe the site in one paragraph, how would you do that? 2) How does your SongRamp membership benefit you? What are you getting out of SongRamp? 3) Aside from technical changes, what "direction" would you like to see SongRamp take? What resources and services, if any, should the site provide? Again, thanks for caring about the wonderful SongRamp community and for being patient as we move forward. Sincerely, Bart Herbison

Member Opinions:

By: TheChiggers on 11/8/07
Hi Bart,

I've sent my email and I am sure many others have as well.. I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on them. I appreciate the opportunity!


By: jimiheath on 11/8/07
This is Jimi. Actually, we've only recieved 5 responses thus far.

By: TheChiggers on 11/8/07
Tis disappointing news, Jimi..

By: havlicek on 11/9/07
I would have expected loads of responses...maybe it's because of the email address typo. It should read:


Anyhow, I sent one in myself and still believe that SongRamp can be something totally unique...a valuable resource for people on both sides of the table. Artists/songwriters looking to improve and maybe score a connection... and industry types looking to "mine" talent and material. However the way I see it, that doesn't dovetail particularly well with the "SongRamp-as-a-social-networking-site" model. It's a difficult choice and SongRamp has tried to walk the line here...but that's bound to fail in my view. From what I've gathered, the membership hasn't exactly exploded anyway. Just some food for thought, and I hope more people take the time to send in their opinions. Otherwise, what are we here for?


By: lps45s8tracks on 11/9/07
The email didn't work so I hope this gets to the right place.

1) What is SongRamp?

A real music community.A place for pro and amatuers alike,a place to write songs.Comment and vote on songs.

2) How does your SongRamp membership benefit you?

If it wasn't for Songramp and the Writers Room I wouldn't have a song.

3) What are you getting out of SongRamp?

Songramp is my home away from home there is no music site like it IMHO.

Songramp has given me my Dream come true what more could I ask for.All I wanted was to write one song.Thanks to Songramp and the Writers Room I have co-written 14 songs

4) Aside from technical changes what "direction" would you like to see SongRamp take?

I like to see Songramp allow free votes for free members again like CMT.Seems like it's gone down hill since.

5) What resources and services, if any, should the site provide?>

I'd like to see a tribute page or Hall Of Fame for those who have passed on like Tim Tafolla and Jimmy Lee Smith so that our tributes or dedication to them can be put on that page.

I also would like to see our songs back on top of our homepage like the old Songramp and then all the other information after except for our homepage picture.

Example~ Homepage picture,Songs,Biography,Info in that order.I think visitors want to see the songs on top not stuck way on the bottom.

By: lps45s8tracks on 11/9/07
I sent an email but it wasn't right then I sent another which said it was on hold.Hope you got it.If not I just posted it here.~(;Yrral Mallik;)

By: Cyndie on 11/9/07
I sent an email this morning.

By: TWH on 11/9/07
I'm going to send an email, and hopefully it will actually do some good. I think that many of us here have sent emails, pm's, forum threads, etc, etc, etc.... many times and it seems to have fallen on deaf ears.
You know, when the person posting this from NSAI can't even get their email addy right well what does that say ? and yes people make typos but, there have been responses about the emails not getting through. so... why hasn't anyone on here corrected this ?

It would be a real shame for this site to just become one of the tens of thousands of "commercial" sites on the web. The Ramp is a very special place. I would hate to see that change.


By: JulesLayne on 11/9/07
The e-mail address is: jimi@nashvillesongwriters.com ~ Come on now; let's keep this on a positive note. Bart, Jimi and the NSAI are great people who are genuinely going to do all they can to keep SongRamp moving in the right direction. This is the same organization that helped bring Boots home this year! I don't think SongRamp will ever lose it's individuality.

By: jimiheath on 11/9/07
geez... I forget one little "@" sign... preggo brain, week overdue. I've corrected it now.

By: manatthewindow on 11/10/07
I've sent an e-mail and the jist of it is that SongRamp is the nearest thing on the net to the feeling of hanging out with other musicians after a gig or backstage and that's the company I like.
Secondy, I value highly the communication from other members on both the social and artistic level. I also enjoy the high quality music that so many people produce - that inspires a desire to match the best of it.
Thirdly, if any branches of the pro industry can be encouraged to take a regular look at the site, then one would hope that some artists will get some decent breaks. Pro advice is also very welcome.

Finally - As well as having some great music, it's vital to keep the family/community spirit strong - that's what the essence of SongRamp is for me.

By: BillyJ.Thomas on 11/11/07
Set things back up the way it was three years ago when we had thousands of members, it worked great then and would do so now, IMHO...all those so called changes for the better since then have only caused chaos and loss of members. Folks were happy then and the site was doing great, but the voices of a few for "change" prevailed and now we suffer for it.

Wild Bill...

By: Rard on 11/11/07
eamil sent. short, to the point and certainly included the existing benefits we all currently enjoy on the Ramp. Despite the recent hullaballou and few minor tweaks this is still be best site on the Web for writers to share ideas, obtain input from peers, learn, grow, listen and network. Now get that CMT/NSAI thing and Bart's pic moved down and the AOM/SOM at the top of the homepage!!!!!!!!

Broken Record Rard

By: TWH on 11/11/07
I agree, how about putting the NSAI stuff at the bottom of the page. The paying members I think have had ample chance to see it. Those two items (IMHO) are not the two most important things going on at SongRamp anymore. It's great that NSAI is stepping up and now has another site to "advertise" on but it's been there long enough don't you think ?

By: lps45s8tracks on 11/11/07
I think Songramp has bent over backwards for us since the change to the new Ramp.We now have the Charts back up.We can now add a longer on line message like before.The site mail is now taking me to the artist page when I click on it which was a great addition to the new Ramp which is fix again along with site mail change before if i kept a mail message it always said I had mail now it don't Love that change as well.I hope we can get free members to be able to vote again.I really think our songs need to be put back on top of our page so that visitors see our picture and next our songs being stuck on the bottom is not a good idea I don't think.anway I want to thank Songramp for working things out and more and more I see the new Ramp becoming the old Ramp which I'm so glad to see.What's missing from the Old Ramp guys. and dolls.I believe we are going in the right directions and who am I just a paying member I don't own it and I'm sure that the new owner have us foremost in their thoughts.I believe Songramp should include all Songwriters from the Big Shots like Merle Haggard and the likes this would be a great way to bring in more money I would think.~(;Yrral Mallik;)

By: lps45s8tracks on 11/11/07
I see Soundclick has a new voting system that Songramp could incorporate.5 star rating.I just gave one a 4 star rating.That way the Charts may be more of a real Charts beats rather than just giving it a favor I think.Something to look at.~(;Yrral;)

By: donnavalentine on 11/12/07
sent mine! Thanks!

By: Sticks61 on 11/14/07
1. Songramp to me is a brother and sister hood of non professional musicians who love the experience of writing music and enjoy the camaraderie of sharing.

2. The benefits of this site to me are that I get non judgmental feedback which helps build confidence in my songwriting abilities.

3. At this point I can't see any changes that need to be made.


By: Tromminator on 11/14/07
I've really enjoyed SongRamp since I joined in '04. It has broadened my horizons to be sure. I love listening to my fellow members and know that I've just scratched the surface of what's available.

I guess I'm not here enough to realize that anything was broken. Works just fine for me!


Mike. {:~)

By: sideman66 on 11/19/07
Although I have been a member of the Ramp for several years, I have been actively participating but 6 or 8 months. So, maybe I do not have enough tenure to speak with any significance. But, here a re a couple short points from my POV.

The amp is fabulous for performers. Although there are colab and writing forums, they are not the primary focus of the community. The "charts" and the song posts appear to be the central point of activity. I do enjoy posting my sogs for others to hear and comment on.

My biggest disappointment with the Ramp is that constructive criticism is strongly discouraged on the songs that are posted. I read from the Ramp administrative that such exchanges arfe preferred to be handled by PM and email. The problem with that is that the rest of us do not benefit from the constructive suggestions sent by PM and email. Should flaming be permitted? Of course not. But thati s by far my largest disappointment at the Ramp. I go over to JPF (Just Plain Folks) to get constructive help on the songs I write. I then post them on Soundclick and here at the Ramp.

In short, I would like to be able to have constructive exchanges on the songs that are posted. That is one of the few things that drives me to other somewhat similar sites on a regular basis.

All in all, the Ramp greatly please my performer side. However, it equally disappoints my creative side. But, thanks for all that you do.

Alan D. David

By: wordman123 on 11/22/07
What is songramp?

To me it is a community of like-minded creative people. It has a nice mix of beginners, journeyman, and veteran songwriters that makes it useful for all. The emphasis is not always on changing a song to get it more commercial or get a cut. The emphasis is on encouraging people to write. That's what makes it a community and not a commodity based song site.

How does song ramp benefit me?

I get to use the website and webpage to direct publishers and the public to see my songs. I get support and encouragement from both newbies and seasoned writers. Although I have been a BMI songwriter for over 30 years and have had some modest success, I still view myself as incredibly uncompetitive with hardcore Nashville songwriters. The Ramp gives me a network to simply put up a song and not worry about whether it is "commercial" or cut worthy. It's just a song and people here can listen and appreciate it for just that--not for its monetary earning power.

What would I like to see in the future for songramp?

It would be nice to have some NSAI hit writers have accounts and post some of their new unvarnished songs for comment. This way we could all see how they make a song work and get to feel like we are part of the process. Watching a song develop from its beginning stages and through rewrites from a professional would be such a learning experience.


Max McGee

By: acomplexkid on 11/25/07
I just got back online after about a year off. It was nice to see Song Ramp still alive. I'm giving the Ramp Radio Sept 07 a listen to now. It's fun to hear some really well recorded songs by unknowns like T-Bird and the rest. I'm along for the ride where ever it takes us. You wont find me at My Space, I like my lil' world here.

Take Care all a keep the tunes a coming, Michael J. Holloway
A Complex Kid

"Keep on Rockin' in the Free World" -- Neal Young

By: johnwestwood on 12/6/07
Its a fallacy that there were "thousands of members".
98% were "blow in and blow outs.."

triple the number of Paying members and thats about the real number


By: waynocook on 12/14/07
I hear from fellow artists on myspace, Soundclick, Digital Rodeo, Mirusmusic, and others about their frustration with the rankings....how is that addressed here?

By: invisibleman on 12/15/07
I will always believe that it's better to encourage people in the right direction, than it is to discourage them from the the wrong one. A PLUS is better and stronger than a MINUS. The one thing that to me, seems to be the biggest problem with writers and artists is they are so easy to discourage. There are a ton of people in the music business waiting to give us that. (Sharks) will take advantage of that. It keeps US from getting what we want. It makes US vulnerable to be taken advantage of. And it makes US just another thing for already rich people to find a way to get another buck out of US. Let's all encourage each other to write MORE, and more OFTEN. Better will come from the simple mathematics of it. To ALL...

By: CAM on 12/16/07
Hi: Cam here. Songramp helps me share a love that I have for playing, writing, recording. I can share my songs here without fear of negativity or insult due to the terrific folks that visit this space. I am getting joy out of songramp thru listening to the artistic creations of others and a common dialogue about something we love; Music. SUGGESTION: Why not allow personal versions of cover songs with the stipulation that they will not be sold or downloaded? There are sites that allow this. I've got a bunch and I'm sure others do, of great cover tunes that I have recorded and just want to share. How about a section of open mic devoted to this? Now don't get me wrong, it is no big deal. I love this site. Cammy

By: jbthegeezer on 1/2/08
Song Ramp has introduced me to many special people and it does feel like I know many members. The ramp has helped me improve as a musician and a person. I would like to see it improve its review editing, there is none now. This is like a second family that are people more like me than my biological family. Thank jb

By: TWH on 1/2/08
Has anyone received a response to their email ?
I sent one in on Nov 9, 2007 and haven't gotten even so much as a form letter response.
was just curious if anyone else got any type of response to theirs.


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