SongRamp Link Share

SongRamp Link Share

This new feature provides a convenient and easy way to link back and forth with SongRamp.

The old Web Ring has evolved into a cool, brand new "Link Share" option. The Link Share works similarly to the way the Web Ring used to. All the old Web Ring statistics have been brought over into the new Link Share program. So, your LinkShare position will be the same as it was in the Web Ring

All you have to do is sign up, choose which graphic you want to use, then place the new Link Share code on your site and a return link back to SongRamp. That's it!

You will be able to monitor and keep track of the traffic coming and going through the Link Share program features.

In order to participate, everyone that currently has the old Web Ring code on their website needs to update the code with the new Link Share code.

You can get the new    Link Share code here.

We hope you will join us in connecting everyone together and bringing the "Unity" to the community!

Member Opinions:

By: EddieR on 5/17/12
Show me an example of what you're talking about and how it works.

By: DaveRice on 3/10/13
I think I like the idea but have not participated in linkshare here in the past. I know from using links at other sites, it can drive folks to your music... and the Ramp as well. Like Eddie, I'd like to know more how to do what you require and to understand exactly what it might do for me and my music. Thanks, Dave Rice

By: TheChiggers on 3/10/13
Guys, it's a way for you to link to your own websites and put the Songramp logo on your website to link back for here.. We "Share" links, in other words..

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