Sell Downloads of Your Songs!

Sell Downloads of Your Songs!
On Monday, November 13th, we will start selling downloads of songs on SongRamp. 
You will be able to sell downloads of your open mic songs!   You can edit your current open mic songs to sell them as well as uploading new ones.  When you decide to sell in the store, you will need to provide some personal information for payment purposes. This information is confidential and we will not share it.   Once you upload a song that you are interested in selling.... it will display in open mic like usual with a buy link.  A HiFi download of the song will be available in the store (shop) with a 30 sec clip.  Songs will sell for .99 cents and artists will receive 70% of the sale. 
As a vendor on SongRamp, there will be a private vendor forum to address any questions that you might have around selling.  You will have a vendor control room full of vendor tools for advertising, tracking, and monitoring sales.   This tool applies to both song downloads and CDs.
Vendor Control Room Features Include
  • Advertising.... upload a banner 468x60 and it will display on songramp - after review  by staff.   This banner would be for marketing your online store and music.
  • Reports for sales by product and overall
  • Reports for payment - history of your payment accounts when and how much you were paid.
  • Tracking information on each product and banners
  • Product review tracking - buyers can now leave product reviews
  • Instore credit - you have the ability to purchase using your previous sales 
  • Ability to set a minimum monthly payment with $10 being the minimum.
  • Statistics showing how you rank among other sellers
There will be a different path to follow if you are interested in selling CDs, but you will access to the same vendor features!

This vendor page is for display only... the items above is where we were testing but this gives you an idea of what to expect. 


The open mic upload page will look different.  It will feature 3 ways to display your songs.  You will be able to choose to either sell your download or give it away for free.

Streaming is automatically selected.  You can stream only.
Selling Download - once you provide personal information, you select this area along with a 100x100 thumb image
Free Download - you can choose to give your music as a free download.
Members who are SongRamp fans but don't really need a membership will receive perks if they spend $20 or more a year in downloads.  You will receive the ability to vote, create favorites playlist as well as enjoy some very cool music. 
We are really excited to bring these new features to SongRamp.  We are making improvements to support the artists.  If you like an artist's songs, show your support!
NOTE: We will need for all members to be flexible in this launch process.  We have tested but never know what quirks emerge when going to a larger environment.  If you encounter any issues, please post in the forum news.
Let's get this ball rolling! 

Member Opinions:

By: havlicek on 11/10/06
I continue to be surprised at how much SongRamp does for the members. I'm not sure about selling downloads personally, since I always just put my stuff out there to DL anyway. I may or may not give it a whirl just for grins to see what's what, but still apreciate all the effort!


By: lucywebster on 11/10/06
$ound$ good to me Tammy- Thank$ : )

By: CiscoPike on 11/10/06
A new era has begun. I will toss in just for the sake
of it! Two thumbs up!

By: songgoddess on 11/10/06
How cool is this!!

By: SISTERS on 11/10/06
OMG, we're gonna be like the Big Kids, now!
1, 2, 3 - $$$$!
seriously, it's great to have a choice, i like the logo, and look forward to giving the new feature the User Friendly for Bimboes Test anne

By: havlicek on 11/11/06
I forgot to mention it but, just looking at all the functionality above something struck me. While I know less-than-zero about computer stuff, it sure does look like a lot of code/effort went into all this...MORE THANKS!


By: lps45s8tracks on 11/11/06
Thank you for listening to those who still want to allow free downloads.I appreciate it ever so much.~(;Yrral Mallik;)

By: JulesLayne on 11/11/06
This looks absolutely fantastic, Tammy! I can't wait! : ) Many thanks go out to you and the SR Dev. team!!

By: lvelev on 11/12/06
Great! Very cool! That would certainly be good for all the members that take seriously their creative work like me! I appreciate it very much cause I waited it to happen after I joined some months ago! One question though: I hope we'll have the chance to mark for download our already posted songs, compositions and pieces and NOT reload them once again?!

By: teleman58 on 11/12/06
That is so cool. Now I have to make my songs worthy enough to download.

By: blueguitars on 11/13/06
Yes I think this really Is the way to go, It Is Good New's, a BIG THANK YOU from me, I cant wait. Cheers, Adrian.

By: GregRoz on 11/13/06
Excellent idea! The future is NOW at SongRamp!

By: brettski on 11/13/06
I am interested in this, but have some questions. I'm guessing this is not open to free members, and if that is the case, is one able to become a pro member without possessing a credit card? If so, what are the payment methods for making your songs available for pay/download?



By: lvelev on 11/15/06
OK, all works fine except the fact that the album images (200 X 200 pixels) of 2 of my 5 albums didn't uploaded well after I made several corrections of the pixels and size (made them smaller). It would be nice to have additional suggestions what to do next from my side or what you'll do from your end?

By: tammy on 11/16/06
Payment options for downloads are ...

-Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discovery, and American Express),
-Paypal including Paypal e-Check
-Check, Money Order
-In-Store Credit

Take a look at the FAQ/Help section to answer more questions...regarding selling or buying

By: rathole on 11/18/06
super addition to an already fantastic site. more benefits for us rampers. now the trick for me is to create a worthy tune. practice-practice practice---thanks for all you do---rathole

By: Musicianista on 11/19/06
I love it! I'm going to buy my own songs and make myself rich!


All the new improvements are just plain FANTASTIC!!

Thanks SR gang.


By: dimgill on 11/20/06
I think this is great! You all put a lot of hard work into this. Programming takes time and thought as to how this will all work. You did a fantastic job. I am so thankful for this site and all the nice people here. Gooooooood Job!!!! :O)

By: lvelev on 11/22/06
I would like to see in our Vendor shops pieces come chronologically by the time we post them cause this has a meaning for each one of the members selling their music. Please, do what has to be done from your end to make it happen cause this makes sence - Page 1, the most recent posts, then 2nd, etc.

By: havlicek on 11/27/06
...where is the Vendor Control Room mentioned above?


By: telebob on 10/16/07
I think this is a great idea and a wonderful option for many SongRamp members.

I've not made my songs previously available for download but I might give it a try. In doing so, I will likely employ a combination of free download or no download (for home recordings) and offer high quality pro-recorded songs via the storefront.

Thanks for offering an opportunity for SongRamp writers and artists to 'cash in' on their intellectual property. A little mailbox money is always appreciated. Cheers!

By: Athom135 on 1/20/08
Right on. My interest is growing.

By: JimBearce on 3/26/09
Works for me

By: Manystrings on 8/1/09
This is great. Especially the .70 profit to the musicians! That's one of the best ones out there. :-)

By: donnamarshall on 9/14/09
I love this! I have been waiting to be able to sell the music here on the Ramp!
Donna Marshall

By: JDStenzel on 12/1/09
How could this possibly be a bad thing? I'm all in!

JD Stenzel

Your eyelids are getting VERY very heavy as your mind relaxes. Just breathe in, and exhale, saying: "I need to buy JD's music." And again...breathe in...

By: CoolCountry on 2/8/10
Sounds like a winner to me. It would be nice to make a little extra money to help with the recording costs.

By: benkrahne on 12/13/10
ok how do sign up

By: songcr8tr on 11/4/11
Awesome! This will be a game changer.

By: PoppaMadison on 4/8/12
In the end it is the opinion of others as to whether a song is a "broadly accepted hit or a miss". However, we can all take comfort from the fact that we each can take some pride and satisfaction in having created something that we ourselves can enjoy even if others are not so moved by it.
It is that satisfaction of having achieved a goal which is much more important. Anything else on top of that is a bonus.

By: PoppaMadison on 4/8/12
Please buy this song.........please ever so ta !

By: jesdarryl on 12/11/13
If we post one for sale, will it still be available to listen to but not download? I would hate to only put up a 30 second clip of a song. Maybe I didn't get that part right. I use the ramp so I can give my friends a heads up on what I want to go into the studio with.

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