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Tricks of the Trade - General recording, production and songwriting tips shared by fellow Rampers.

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CDs and WAVs to MP3s:

The process of converting CDs and WAVs to MP3s is often referred to as "encoding." The software below is available for free and can encode your CDs and WAVs for you. Songramp only supports uploads to one's personal page in the MP3 file format. What is an MP3 file? 
Click here to learn about them.

Windows Operating System: 
Audacity,  MusicMatchiTunes          
Macintosh Operating System:  
iTunes,  Audion

Other file conversion freeware tools to convert audio files to the MP3 format:
Converting M4a to MP3
Ace-High MP3

Various Songwriter Performing Rights Organization Links:

Miscellaneous Links:
Nashville Songwriters Association International
Songwriter's Guild of America
U.S. Library of Congress
Public Domain Song Search

British Academy of Songwriters, Composers & Authors
British Copyright Council
European Music Copyright Alliance Austrailian Copyright Council



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